@ Oculus Hall at The Broad

The Un-Private Collection: Neo Rauch + Rosa Loy + Yuval Sharon

7:30 p.m.

Yuval Sharon, founder and director of LA’s The Industry, Broad collection artist Neo Rauch and painter Rosa Loy will join curator Ed Schad to discuss their production of Richard Wagner’s “Lohengrin” at the 2018 Bayreuth Festival, which – according to The New York Times – “made Wagner a feminist.” Rauch, Loy and Sharon’s open and collaborative process shaped vital aspects of this production, including Sharon’s inventive reworking of “Lohengrin” and the striking sets and costumes designed by Loy and Rauch. This conversation adds context to Rauch’s work in the Broad collection, on view in A Journey That Wasn’t, and provides an opportunity to hear more about Loy and Rauch’s collaboration with Sharon.

This event is sold out.