Oracle Film Series: She Puppet + Demonlover

@ The Broad Date: May 11th, 2017

Peggy Ahwesh, She Puppet

She Puppet is an astute meditation on the technological misogyny and sadism placed in the hands of any player who controls the fate of Lara Croft. (Digital video, 15mins., 2001)

Olivier Assayas, Demonlover

The dizzying world of Japanese anime is the smokescreen for Olivier Assayas’ (Personal Shopper, Irma Vep) ode to global capitalism, hostile takeovers and grisly web commerce. Starring Chloe Sevigny, Connie Nielson and Gina Gershon, Demonlover is a twisted take on the spy thriller genre, where no business deal is quite what it seems and the internet proves a Lynchian trap door for duplicitous double-crossings and psychosexual violence. (35mm on digital video, 129mins., 2002)

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Family Weekend Workshops

@ The Broad

The Broad’s Family Weekend Workshops offer families with children activities and workshops to engage with the art of The Broad museum as well as with Chef Timothy Hollingsworth of Otium, the restaurant adjacent to the museum. Workshops are presented bilingually in English and Spanish and give families the opportunity to make their own creative souvenirs to take home inspired by the Broad collection. Family Weekend Workshops are free, but have limited availability and entrance is not guaranteed without a reservation.

Families who reserve tickets in advance will receive a wristband when they check in onsite at the museum. Additional timed tickets for cooking demonstrations will also be available at check in. Workshops and timed tickets for cooking demonstrations will be available to families with wristbands on a first come, first served basis. Family Weekend Workshops are for families with children ages 3 and up.

Family Weekend Workshops are produced in partnership with CARS: Community Arts Resources.

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Oracle Film Series: Kappa + Sud Pralad (Tropical Malady)

@ The Oculus Hall at The Broad Date: May 25th, 2017

Bruce and Norman Yonemoto in collaboration with Mike Kelley, Kappa

Eastern lore gets a camp, Western update in this work of early California video from Bruce and Norman Yonemoto, who cast artist Mike Kelley as the namesake amphibian Japanese trickster to intervene in an Oedipal scene played out by Warhol starlet Mary Woronov and Eddie Ruscha. (Video, 26min., 1986)

Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Sud Pralad (Tropical Malady)

A heightened fever dream, part contemporary psychodrama, part Thai fable, Tropical Malady begins as an unlikely love story between a soldier and neighboring farmer. When passions escalate, however, the duo transform and embark on a heated quest of longing and survival in a jungle teeming with lustful spirits and wild beasts. (35mm on digital video, 124mins., 2004)

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Tip of Her Tongue: Alexandro Segade's "Future St."

@ The Oculus Hall at The Broad

A science fiction saga about corporate boybands and holographic newscasters crowd-controlling a society of clones, Future St. is a speculative, multimedia theater epic exploring desire, surveillance and the sinister forces of normalization. As California becomes “Clonifornia,” a homosexual police state enforces strict marriage codes among the monitored populace, and an intersectional resistance--made up of queer mutant dissidents and an ancient feminist underground—plots its overthrow.

An original work by Alexandro Segade conceived as a response to the political shifting position of gay culture in the larger society--from the debate over marriage equality to the emergency of right wing figures such as Peter Thiel--Future St. appropriates the heterotopias proposed by the science fiction novels of Octavia E. Butler, Ursula K. LeGuin, Samuel R. Delany and Philip K. Dick, as well as X-Men comic books, movies like Blade Runner, Looker, The Matrix and World on a Wire, and myriad video games and anime.

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Oracle Film Series: A New Product + The Cabin in the Woods

@ The Oculus Hall at The Broad Date: June 15th, 2017

Harun Farocki, A New Product

Harun Faroki’s documentary, A New Product, observes the collusion between psychological abeyance and office design, through the lens of a business consultation firm. “Words are not just tools, they have become an object of speculation.” (HD video, 34mins., 2012)

Drew Goddard, The Cabin in the Woods

On the surface, The Cabin in the Woods orchestrates the rote dispatch of five dumb teenagers at its namesake site, like any old horror film would. But the office politics that bubble up to the surface start to smack of a much deeper, postmodern sacrifice. Producer Joss Whedon unleashes his signature glee for genre jamming and fanboy worldmaking, culminating in a balletic third act, that’s Hellraiser by way of Jurassic Park. (35mm on digital video, 105mins., 2011)

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Oracle Film Series: Annemiek + Beau Travail

@ The Oculus Hall at The Broad Date: June 29th, 2017

In her earliest work of video art, portrait photographer Rineke Dijkstra captures the titular Annemiek, a reserved Dutch teen, as she self-consciously lip syncs to Backstreet Boys’ “I Wanna Be With You,” losing herself in the music’s utopian emotions only to snap back again once reminded of Dijkstra’s camera.

Claire Denis’ most devastating work of cinematic formalism, Beau Travail is a loose adaptation of Herman Melville’s Billy Budd. Set in the expansive landscapes of Djibouti, the film follows the struggle of masculinities among members of the French Foreign Legion. The arrival of the handsome and charming Sentain (Grégoire Colin) stokes envy in the heart of Chief Adjutant Galoup (Denis Levant). His selfish struggle to tame Sentain’s allure results in a sacrifice that crescendos in the film’s stunning, final tableau vivant.

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Art, Culture, and Community: Eli Broad and Dominic Ng in Conversation

@ The Oculus Hall at The Broad

Two entrepreneurs who grew their businesses in Southern California and share a commitment to culture and community, The Broad Co-Founder Eli Broad and East West Bank CEO Dominic Ng will have a candid conversation about what drives them in business, art and philanthropy. Moderated by The Broad Founding Director Joanne Heyler, the conversation will explore Broad’s and Ng’s experience starting businesses and the shared values behind their civic engagement and support of arts, culture and community.

This event is sold out.